Internship Review-2



Hello to all the readers!

When we talk about “WOMEN” the thoughts which prevail in our mind are just confined to the culture we see to. How can we all define ‘WOMEN’? Women are that part of society which deals with all sensitivity and blossomy words booming globally. Right?!

But think, when a word like “ RACER” or “INVENTOR”  gets add up with her name, doesn’t it enhance the look of that lady or perhaps may be the way to look at that lady. Women are not only the asset of generation building but they are the best creature on this universe that can change the history from dusk to dawn. It’s quite difficult to accept the word reading as “Women in Automobile”. It’s just equivalent to some kind of miracle. These lovely miracles are done by number of beautiful and determined ladies, who wished to bring some change by their knowledge and hard work. They are the integral members who played a marvelous role in succession of today’s Automobile industry.

A big Salute to such great leaders and inventors. They not only gave us the comfort which makes us travel with great ease but also motivated us to contribute more and more to the society. Therefore, by our blog we tried to convey and spread the information of those successors who have contributed and stood exceptionally great. Our agenda was to tell people, “Yes! Women play an equal role in today’s automotive industry.”

The articles written by our cool writers helped us to immensify the extents of our thought process and to observe a beacon in every black mountain. So, all the ladies reading this review, come up , stand up and go for the real “you”. The lady born for a change lets break the walls of discrimination and fly high with shining colours.

This brings us to an end of our blog. Hope you all loved it!

We would express a big and heartfelt gratitude to the biggest Automotive of our country “MAHINDRA AQ”. They gave us this great opportunity to share such inspirational and informative articles. This internship gave us a lot to learn and explore the behind the scenes of various equipments developed.

We would thank our team guides: Mr. Parimal Kalikar and Mr.Chaitanya Vijay Ghate for their contribution by making the articles crispier.

And ultimately the one without whom this blog wouldn’t be a great success, our VIEWERS. You were the ultimate goal players. Thank you so much! We will be back with something new again, till then signing off.


Team Steppers


5 thoughts on “Internship Review-2

  1. Sincerely this article was a trailblazing one!! Truly said a women is capable of changing history from dusk to Dawn & despite being the asset for generation building she can do wonders by going our if he box…..

    She is capable of doing anything from generation building to automobile development ..& that is y we all should stop seeing them from a single angle & respect them for what they are..!

    Proud to be a women


    1. I found your article very compelling and revealling..

      We expect more such motivating and inspiring articles from you..
      Great job Beacon Varshney


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