Internship Review-1



A Big hello to all my viewers!

It feels great to announce that we are progressively proceeding towards the completion of our task assigned by ‘MAHINDRA & MAHINDRA’. This is the second last article shared by our team. This article covers the experience we had with ‘Mahindra & Mahindra’, who helped us to reach out to different people across the world with our articles every week.

It was on 22nd of April when the team of Mahindra visited our college for the first time. They came up with various exciting events for the complete three days. All their events were a great source of knowledge for each of us. It may be related to presenting the solutions to their case studies, Model making, Car driving competition etc. Presentation of case studies helped all of us to develop or add up something extra to both our technical as well as general knowledge. Model making competition involved lots of brainstorming and a higher thinking ability whereas in car driving competition we proved ourselves to be the best cheering audience. In the last event, me and my friend as a team, presented a case study on ‘Disable Friendly Roads’ and won the ‘INTERNSHIP’ of ‘MAHINDRA’.As a result of which, we were able to share articles every week on ‘Women and Automobile’ on our self created blog.

The articles related to this blog talks about the contribution and inventions done by the various women in the field of automobile. It may be Mary Anderson, who came up with the idea of windshield wipers, Helen Blair who suggested the insulation material for the spark plugs, Alka Zadgaonkar, who thought to extract crude oil from plastic waste and use it as a source of fuel in the automobiles etc. Thank you ladies for your marvellous inventions which had helped the world in all possible ways. We feel really proud of you all and I request all my female viewers to kindly showcase your talents and let the world know about it.

In the end, I would like to express my profound gratitude towards ‘MAHINDRA & MAHINDRA’ for offering us with such an opportunity. This task really helped all our team members to learn something new and unique and to share it with all the viewers across the world. Hope you all enjoyed reading the articles.


Team Steppers


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