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Hello all!

We are back again with another interesting and informative article about one of the important pioneer in the field of automobiles.

So far we have focused only on the important inventions which have been necessary for the drivers to enjoy a comfortable ride.

But have you ever thought about this…What would possibly happen if we drove around in cars with bad interiors and congested leg space?

Through this article we would like to give a special mention to Helene Rother(1908-1999) who was the first woman to work as an automotive designer ever. She was the one who brought glamour and elegance in the picture. The car was not now just a vehicle to take you from one place to another. From then on, an attractive car came to be recognized as a symbol of luxury and comfort.


Helene Rother was born in 1908 in Leiplez, Germany. She moved to Paris to study fashion designing and was popular for her jewelry designs as well as for designing the fashionable pins that women would wear on hats and dresses before the World War II. She fled with her daughter from the Nazi-occupied France and moved to New York in 1941 to begin with her new life.

Her first employment was with Marvel Comics as an illustrator, after which she joined the interior styling staff for General Motors in Detroit, Michigan and was the first woman who was able to achieve this.

From 1948-1956 she worked for Nash Motors and completely changed the face of the stereotypical car. She brought a revolutionary change in the interior designing of cars by introducing expensive and good quality leather fabrics for the seats which were well color coordinated and elegant. In addition to that she came up with innovative door and headlight designs, some of which are an inspiration today.

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She was described to be a pretty and charming lady who showed that fashion is not just limited to clothes or accessories, but is an important aspect for designing machinery.

It was something that was overlooked at that time but has definitely been recognized as an important feature today while purchasing a car.

After all, who wants to purchase a car with bad interiors!!

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In the future, there will be more women coming up with such exclusive and classy ideas. Cars which will drive you crazy! They will not only appeal with their work but the interior will force you to own it.


Like Helene Rother,Lawrence Florence and so on there are many women out there who have changed the definition of being beautiful. They have shown how beauty lies in the small aspects of life which may go unnoticed, but have a significant contribution in our daily life when certain amount of attention is paid to detail.

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  1. To identify the very essence of “Anything” and to beautify it even more with her Elegant touch… only a woman can do this.. Proud to be a WOMAN!


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