Indicators and Brake lights – Florence Lawrence


Indicators and Brake lights – Florence Lawrence


  • Florence Lawrence
  • Indicators and brake lights

Warm greetings to all people out there…!! We are back with informative yet another interesting story of this amazing lady. After reading this article I am sure you guys will change your perception regarding females. This lady had an entirely different career. Nevertheless she managed to invent those important parts of a car without which you cannot imagine being able to drive a car. Imagine yourself in a state when while driving a car, you don’t have any idea as to which side the car in front of  you wants to turn or rather when is it going to apply brakes and would stand still in a fraction of second. Terrible, isn’t it? So we all must take a pause and thank this lady whose name is Florence Lawrence. It is because of her we are able to make quick decisions and prompt actions on road while driving; as to where we should go next left or right depending upon the car in front of us. Most importantly we can signal others behind us as to which side we go next. Yes, we are talking about indicators and brake lights invented by this lady Florence Lawrence.

  • History
  • Florence Lawrence

Florence born in 1886 started her career in show business at a very young age. She was a very beautiful, famous and enchanting actor of her time. She worked in more than 250 films. Because she was such a successful actor she managed to buy herself a car-a rarity in the early 20th century, when cars were still luxury items. She adored driving and loved learning  the way automobiles worked. In 1914 she developed a mechanical signaling arm that, with the press of a button, raised or lowered a flag on the car’s rear bumper that told other drivers which way a car was going to turn. After that Lawrence devised a rudimentary brake signal that worked on the same principle: when a driver pressed the brakes, a “stop” sign flipped up from the back bumper. These inventions were enormously important, obviously-today, every car on the road has electrical turn signals and brake lights. images (17)

  • Electrical turn signals and Brake lights

images (18) The lighting system of a motor vehicle consists of lighting and signaling devices mounted or integrated to the front, rear, sides and in some cases the top of the vehicle. This lights the roadway for the driver and increases the conspicuity of the vehicle, allowing other drivers and pedestrians to see a vehicle’s presence, position, size, direction of travel, and the driver’s intentions regarding direction and speed of travel.  

  • Views

 Driving would have been impossible if there existed no electrical turn signals and brake lights. They act as life savior for the drivers. Today a car cannot be imagined without these parts. As, eyes are important for photographers, likewise they are non ignorable parts while designing a car.

  • Forecast

 So, to all the people out there the message is loud and clear. A woman does not need to become a professional in some field to excel in the same. She is a born all-rounder. People might think that actors are just pretty faces but who knew that this pretty face had a very sharp mind behind it. These are the type of women we must seek inspiration from.

  • Conclusion

 Some beautiful lines from one important person: “Milegi manzil chahe vo kareeb nai Koi bi lakeer nai aisi jo kehde tuje ki teri takdeer nai Agar hui teri haar to maan le ye baat Banda tu hi zimmedaar koi aur nai” So, pretty and curious ladies sitting there this is high time you break the gender biased rules and fight for your dreams. Remember you need not to be perfect. You are awesome the way you are. Believe in yourself. Thank you and see you soon.

  MANSI TRIPATHI Team Steppers          


12 thoughts on “Indicators and Brake lights – Florence Lawrence

  1. information provided by you is really useful nd a lesson to those who still think tht ladies r no match to men… beauty with brains… aweome article….


  2. good job..need better improvisation towards the design of that people will love to know about this 🙂


  3. wow….. thanks to the lady for this great invention…n thanks to you Mansi Tripathi…for this precise information…
    keep it up….
    waiting eagerly for your next article.


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