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Imagine a day when you are on the way to your first interview, it’s raining outside and suddenly you meet with an accident as your driver could not see the road clearly!!!! It would be equivalent to’ losing a precious diamond ring’. Isn’t It? But, thanks to Mary Anderson who cleared our vision by inventing the first wipers so that our memorable rides can be cherished forever, without any troubles!!

When did the story begin?

It started on one frosty day in 1903, when Anderson was visiting New York City via a trolley car. She was trying to catch all the sights of the city’s crowded streets, tall buildings, and horseless carriages, but she had a hard time seeing them because of the snowy weather. She noticed that the driver was also having difficulty seeing through the sleet and snow. Every few minutes, the driver would have to reach through his window to wipe the snow and sleet off the windshield by hand. Sometimes he would even have to stick his head out the window while driving in order to see! And here came up an idea of windshield wiper.


1.1) Mary Anderson:


Mary Anderson, born in Alabama in 1866, is the lady whose brainchild was a windshield wiper blade. She was granted her first patent for this windshield wiper in1903. But then after the patent expired, windshield wipers using Anderson’s basic design became standard equipment. In 1922, Cadillac became the first car manufacturer to adopt them and this lady marked a new history.

1.2) Wipers:


 A windscreen wiper or windshield wiper is a device used to remove rain and debris from a windscreen or windshield. The first mechanical windshield wipers were operated by hand. Every time, the passenger or the driver had to jump out of the car in the middle of the journey to clean the screen. From 1916, manual windshield wipers replaced with Squeegees. Automatic windshield wipers were invented in 1921, called “Folberths” ,were powered by an “air engine” a device connected by a tube to the inlet pipe of the car’s motor. Its electric version, was created by Bosch in 1926, but was reserved only for luxury models. Robert Kearns patented intermittent powered wipers in 1967.


Rainfall or snowfall became no longer the reason to skip the plan of going for an outing. Mary Anderson gave the gift of freedom to move around without any problems as their came these automated wipers. Long journeys were undisturbed now .This mechanized way eliminated the task of cleaning the front shield periodically and ensured a comfortable journey.


Whether it is Danica Patrick or Mary Barra, remarkably, women are showcasing their talent in the automobile industry and not only that they have been known all over the world for their valuable contribution. The future rests in these golden hands now which for sure will revolutionize the world.


Women exploded with inventions that are concerned with automobile, traffic signals and turning mechanisms. Women are actually responsible for the carburettor, the clutch and even the electric engine starter mechanisms. Inspite of facing numerous failures these women have changed our lives. So, our question to you – Why not we break our comfort zone and move towards the path of progress getting inspired by them?


If you just wipe your eyes, you will be able to see her Shine!


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Team Steppers


32 thoughts on “WINDSCREEN WIPERS

  1. We are mostly unaware of inventors whose inventions made our life easy.Thanks Jonty for sharing this information with us.


  2. Well, this is a great work piece in establishing the replica of real women inventors across the globe… the little things are those we use very frequently more than big inventions like washing machine or may be air coolers ( at times we can survive without using them ) but if we suppose to take risk here then our life is at risk….so this article in other way gives a bful message round about how we need to value certain little things !!!!
    Absolute work.


  3. Choti Choti magar moti batein!!!
    A small change or the beginning of it can make a huge difference….
    the work, the article is really informative
    Looking forward for same…..


  4. Great start!
    Kudos to team!
    Well information provided was also unknown to some of the Automobile Engineers (like me).
    Will suggest to decide specific days every months for posting of articles. This will ensure periodic posting and time lags will be avoided. Also will ensure that time to posting is continued.


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